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Fermented Glutinous Rice, Frozen Pork Trotter with Sweetened Vinegar(Serve 4-6)


1 pork trotter
3 slice of ginger


3 tbsp Fermented Glutinous Rice with Osmanthus
450ml Pat Chun 2.5% White Vinegar
450ml water
225g sugar
55g salt


1. Bring sauce to boil. Remove it from heat immediately when it starts boiling.  Let it cool down.
2. Blanch pork trotter with ginger. Rinse and cool it with running water. Bring pork trotter to boil for 20 minutes. Turn off the fire and wait for 15 minutes. Repeat boil and wait for 2 times.
3. Remove the pork trotter bones. Soak with sauce (cover the pork trotter). Sliced when eating. Serve with vinegar.